Medals and how to get them.


Kingdom: Earn your way up too Kingdom.

1st Sphere: Earn your way up too 3rd Sphere.

2nd Sphere: Earn you way up too 2nd Sphere.

3rd Sphere: Earn your way up too 1st Sphere.

Joined: Being apart of the almighty GA.

Leadership 1: Learn your leadership skills.

Leadership 2: Be a leader, show pride, and master your leadership skills.

Service: Be in GA for 5 months.

Good Conduct 1: Learn ways too help others.

Good Conduct 2: Master your ways to help others, especially too GA.

Raid 1: Fight with GA at least 3 times, and never give up.

Raid 2: Master your raiding skills. Also be in at least 6 raids with GA.

Defence 1: Always be at base and protect against a raid.

Defence 2: Always be at base on high alert. Protect  against a various amount of attacks.

Spy 1: Spy 5 times without being caught.

Spy 2: Spy 10 or more times without being caught, and master this skill.

Online 1: Be online at base at least 3 times a week for 2 hours or more.

Online 2: Be online at base for 5 times a week and at least 4 hours.

Guestbook 1: Sometimes leaves messages on the guestbook either for recruiting or checking on 

Guestbook 2: Always leaves messages and checks on , and always asking questions or anything.

Long Service 1: Be in GA for 6 months.

Long Service 2: Be in GA for 10 months.

Recruiter 1: Recruit at least 5 people.

Recruiter 2: Recruit at least 15 people.

Good ranking: Rank new members based on fighting, talking, and skill.

Training: Get trained by a trainer from GA.

Tournament Winner: Win 1 or more tournaments.

Pledge: Become a true GA member by saying the pledge in the guestbook.