Nick is the original founder of GA He kept it together for a long time. He found GA on June 28, 2010. Nick has been through a lot. He has been through different stages for GA. He thought a lot about GA. He never let anyone down. He always was at base to protect GA while others weren't online. He never gives up on anything. He loves new challenges. Nick always made GA train for anything that would come up to be a threat. He is the only 1 in  who truly understands Guardian Angels and it's purpose. He got the name while speaking to the Co-Fdr of GA, But Nick made the name Guardian Angels. Nick was a great fighter. Nick will always be in GA forever no matter what happens. Nick will always be known in GA and in SWD.



   Tripitar joined GA when GA was first born. He is a great fighter, 1 of the best. He is always online. No one ever seen him when hes not. When Tripitar joined  he started as Private (PVT). He worked his way all the way up till trainer. Then he got the most greatest surprise ever. Nick ranked him up too Co-Fdr of GA. Nick new Tripitar was ready. Tripitar has been a huge aspect in GA. Everyone needs him and asks for his help. Tripitar did everything he needed too and still does. He is a great leader and has awesome leadership skills. Tripitar always knows what to do in bad or good situations. He is a very helpful man. Tripitar will always be respected and well known to all in and in SWD. He will always be a legend. Sadly, after the exile of Loki, trip has left as well and betrayed GA to recreate his old clan TRA.



  Saidin Joined GA a few weeks after  was born. He started as a Corporal (CPL) and is now working his way up too Leader. He is an outstanding fighter. He beats almost all of  Saidin always knows what to do when Nick leaves him with stuff. Saidin is always recruiting and never gets lazy. Saidin is actually the #1 recruiter in GA. Saidin has a huge history in GA. Saidin is always in lead of stuff. Saidin is the highest ranked member in GA. Saidin has most of the medals. He will be great in the future.Saidin is always respected by everyone. Saidin will always be very well known through out SWD and GA. Saidin will always be a  legend.



  Void joined  right when Saidin joined GA. Void grew very popular in his fighting skills. Void is on the Top 10 Fighters in Emerald server. he is very well known through out Emerald server. Void joined  as an Specialist (SPC). Void is 1 of the 3 best members in Void is always wanting too raid. Void never takes anyone's crap. Void has been through alot. Void has been in history. Void will always be very well known in . Void did quit too join SFS. But soon returned too GA. Void is respected through out  Void is the #2 highest ranked member in . Void will always be a legend.