"Guardian Angels History"

Guardian Angels was found on June 26, 2010 by Nick.

Chapter 1: Quiting  In Sight

 It  was a cold and tired day out in sherwood. When Dungeon Master and his friend Blackwood were at COL base. Dungeon Master and Blackwood were like brothers. They loved there clan. Suddenly Dungeon Master and Blackwood felt they needed to change a few things in COL. Apparently they disagreed. Dungeon Master and Blackwood soon quit COL, wanting to make a clan that would fit everyone's importance's, more importantly themselves. Dungeon Master and Backwoods real names were Dungeon-Master-RC and MrBlackwood. 

Chapter 2: The New Born

 Dungeon Master and Blackwood soon quit COL, wanted to make a new clan. Dungeon Master and Blackwood said bye to all there close friends in COL. They soon left to be clan less. Dungeon Master and Blackwood were in sherwood everyday thinking of ways to make the clan. They first needed to agree on the name. Blackwood asked, " Hmm, what about bringing back an old clan?". Dungeon Master stood silent watching Blackwood. Dungeon Master said slowly with a quiet voice,"I want to make a new clan, so that we will be the original founders, I don't want to remake a clan...that would be too risky in my thought". Blackwood stood still stunned of what he said."Alright...well what about these names? Legendary Guardians, Legends of Angels, Voices soon to be heard, Forbidden Warriors, or maybe even Silent Guardians"?, Blackwood said loudly over that Dungeon Master wasn't paying too much attention. then Dungeon master stood up and asked excitedly, " I got it, what about Guardian Angels"? Blackwood didn't really like the idea, but instead he thought i was an OK name. Finally before they did anything else, they sat together and started making the website. They thought of ranks, medals, and everything a clan needs.

Chapter 3: Here We Go

 Soon Dungeon Master ran into someone named Dragon Slayer while recruiting. Dragon Slayer asked Dungeon Master to join his new clan SR (Shadow Rangers). Dungeon Master denied his request. Dungeon Master and Dragon Slayer soon become good friends. Dungeon master introduced Dragon Slayer too Blackwood. Soon all 3 were great friends, and SR was GA's first ally. GA was grateful. GA started with there first ever member Tripitar. He was a PVT (Private). All 4 people stood together, then made there separate ways. SR went on to find a new base while GA stayed in room 81. SR and GA always fought side-by-side they never fought in a raid or war with just themselves. We only did practice raids with different clans, training. GA had there first tournament with some TANK members. TANK and TSA were are first neutral clans. COL was GA's second alliance. Then a few days after, all hell broke loose during 1 of GA and SR practice raids. So GA went to get our neutrals to help, it was TSA. Then SOP called there ally DV. DV was too strong so GA called in COL. It was an all out war between SOP wants to have a practice raid, GA and SR accepted and started fighting. then more and more SOP and there allies came in. At first Ga was winning, then more and more SOP and there allies came in. GA then called for TSA. GA,SR, and TSA were owning SOP. After that SOP called in DV. DV was too strong so GA called in COL. It was an all out war between GA,SR,TSA, and COL Vs. SOP,DV, and there allies. Finally GA won. All of GA's and SOP's allies left. Then Dungeon Master spoke too SOP founder saying, " That was a great battle, but was it worth costing our friendship"? SOP founder replied with a soft voice, " No actually it wasn't, i would like to make a treaty with GA and be neutral". Dungeon Master had no choice but to say, " Yes". 

Chapter 4: Changes In War

 Dungeon Master soon changed his name too Nick. He wanted people to know his real name, and Blackwood changed his name too Forbidden-Knight. Nick made Forbidden-Knight Co-Founder instead of Founder due to the fact he didn't understand GA too well. Tripitar soon became too be a great member in GA. He was the first ever GA member, and the first GA member to get a special rank up. Tripitar started as PVT (Private) then soon made his way up till Co-Founder. GA had done another practice raid with TANK. While GA and TANK were fighting, out of no were EFA comes in with 6 or 7 members being pink. It was a triple practice raid until GA turned black to help TANK kill EFA. Then EFA left and TANK and GA were back fighting. GA came out on top with a great victory. GA was training and training 24/7. We wanted to be the best, we didn't want anyone to come in our way, but we soon found a challenge. GA has been receiving threats from AOS. A few members from AOS attacked our base, so GA returned the favor. GA raided AOS with SR. It was a tie they cleared once and GA cleared once. Then the Co-Founder of AOS asked us to be allies with them. GA disagreed, but also AOS Founder didn't want too make an alliance, so AOS Co-Founder quit AOS and joined GA as a SGT (Sergeant). A week later GA wanted to raid, but there wasn't any enemies online, so GA asked one of there allies some advise for whom we raid. They said EFA, so we went to raid EFA but soon realized they weren't fighting back so GA went b2b. Then EFA's Founder Dominator talked to Nick and Dominator asked for an alliance. GA accepted, but 10 minutes later EFA counter raided us. GA was not happy so we of course defended our self's. Dominator said he was just playing so Nick and Dominator made up again. Forbidden-Knight and Tripitar didn't like EFA too much so we talked. Nick asked curiously,"What is wrong with you guys"? Tripitar and Forbidden-Knight replied with hate,"We do not like EFA, there despicable". Nick, Tripitar, and Forbidden-Knight talked about it and Nick had his final say,"We are staying allied with EFA, they can come in handy to help us in need of help, and that is final".

Chapter 5: Furious People

 We liked this clan called DW. They were a big clan and Nick new they would be a great ally. One day Nick received word from Tripitar saying,"DW had just raided us, Ive talked to them and they said they were bored and wanted too raid". Nick was not happy at all, he was furious with DW. " If they want to be like that then so be it", Nick said with a demanding voice. Soon GA seeked revenge and raided DW. GA won, then came b2b. Later on, Founder of DW Anna, asked GA for an alliance. GA accepted gradually. A couple weeks after this occurred Nick received message that NG was planning too kill GA for good." I'd love to see that". Nick said with a devious look. Later that day Nick took GA to raid NG. GA called in SR to help and won. GA went b2b not after has GA been getting threats from NG saying there going to kill GA. Soon after that NG's King Saturn told GA that he'd forget about it. GA was somewhat relieved that we haven't had to stay at base everyday lined up ready for an attack. DS was a clan that GA were friends with. So we had a practice raid DS,SF Vs.GA,COL,SR. GA won it was a very close and fun battle. Nick asked DS," I would like to make a treaty between us making us neutral". DS agreed happily with Nick.

Chapter 6: Clan Wars

 Guardian Angels were tired from all the things that have been happening very fast. GA took it a bit slow and easy for GA members. Then out of no were GA has been getting a whole bunch of threats from TDE. GA was out on the look for TDE, when finally Tripitar said to Nick," Nick! I found TDE founder, come to room 1". Nick went there so fast. Soon after Nick was talking to TDE founder alone in teleport 5. TDE founder was threatening Nick over and over. TDE then declared war among GA. TDE had told us they were coming with 20 people. GA didn't take it seriously until we saw the 20 members in ruby server. GA got KS, and GA and KS were lined up waiting silently for TDE. Soon after TDE founder appeared...dead silence rose over. Nick sent a spy to go after him and find out what he's doing. Nick then recevied a message from his spy," Nick you not going to believe this TDE founder is in ruby server asking if they way to help him destroy GA in emerald". Nick was silent while telling the others. Then they all burst out laughing. KS went b2b unharmed, while GA stayed at base thinking about what happened. Some what days after, SFS's leader Gag, threatened GA on GA's guest book. Saying this," Nick tell your members that we aren't allies, if i hear that one of GA's members say that were allies then SFS will consider killing GA. Nick was angry about that. Nick went to speak with Gag and did not turn out too well. Nick got GA lined up and they went to raid SFS. GA won then went b2b. Then SFS counter raided us stealing a couple of GA members. Nick was furious, he got GA and attacked with all force. SFS then declared war on GA. GA has kept raiding GA and same with SFS. We raided each other at least 6 times each. Nick was grounded from the computer so SFS stopped raiding, and GA had stopped too. Nick was grounded for 1 month in a half while GA has on its own with the Co-Founders. When i came back GA was a mess. Tripitar soon fixed the problem. Nick came back happy.

Chapter 7: Ruby Server

 Later after Nick came back he received word that ruby server clans attacked GA. The clans were VGZ and NOVA. GA wasn't happy and attacked back. GA wanted to get revenge on ruby (Mostly on NOVA and VGZ). GA set out to meet in room 81 Ruby server. GA was sent too attack every clan they can find in ruby server. So we attacked 9 clans. We attacked NOVA first. GA dominated on that battle, although GA was a little outnumbered because of NOVA's allies they called. NOVA was running way to much. So we just iggyed them. The second battle was the longest battle between LS and GA. GA were also dominating them, until LS called for allies. (GA never called allies, it was only GA). It was then GA Vs LS,NEG, and other ruby clans. GA didn't loose but was desperately outnumbered. GA stood there ground and didn't loose, But Nick did see that GA won because GA cleared LS and there allies, but they say they won because of a couple of there members on the battle field that were afk. GA and LS and there allies battle was a draw. The third battle was against DO. GA were owning them until they got more DO to come online. GA never lost, but stood there ground and beat them. The fourth battle was against VGZ. We didn't like VGZ at all because the times they raided us. We were pwning VGZ until they got allies. GA once again stood there ground and 1 of GA members was still standing vs 2 VGZ and we won. This battle was really hard because of VGZ and there allies numbers, but GA came out on top. This fifth battle was with LGI. GA were owning them,but they kept running. We killed them. GA succeeded against LGI because of there lack of skills. This sixth battle was with EOL. We were iggying them until more and more EOL poured in. GA once again still won, but EOL's numbers was a slight winning for EOL. GA cleared EOL after 30 min of continuous fighting. The seventh battle was with TH. This was 1 of the biggest clan in ruby. I admit they were hard to beat but they called for allies because of lack of numbers. this was a draw very close fight. Although they hacked. Every time the would die, they would re spawn in the same spot they died at. The eight battle was with a new clan called CI. We pwned them that they gave up and left. this was the easiest win because of there lack of skill. The last battle was with this clan GL. they were strong but did have a lack of members. They called allies. GA tried as hard as they could. The good thing was they didn't run but did cheat by using level 1 and going up the stairs. GA didn't win this battle, neither did GL. This was a tie. This fight will erg on.

Chapter 8: The French

 GA has had problems with the french in room 80 all the time. GA would just Iggy them out until it gone too far. When we usually Iggy them out they actually called in reinforcements. GA killed them. Nick was mad. Tripitar said," Let me go talk to the French's foun". Nick interrupted," No i will". Nick went and spoke with them. The french said they would tell there members to stay out of room 81. Until they came back again. It was GLAD,TBD,RX, and UF. GA called DW and we killed them. After DW left the french came back. GA went and got KS. Once again KS left after the french left and the french came back. Finally GA got COL and the french left for good. Soon TBD founder gem, asked GA for an alliance, GA accepted.

Chapter 9: Last Stand

BA had claimed that 81 was there base. They were terribly wrong. Nick was the only one at base, he tried his best to fight off the 3 BA members. Then they ran away and left. They later returned with More BA and EE. GA got allies COL to help. GA and COL cleared EE and BA, so COL left. But BA and EE were still there. GA went too TQA too help us. We once again cleared BA and EE. Then TQA left. After that BA and EE were still there trying to claim GA base. GA had called for 1 last ally RL. GA and RL owned BA and EE. We cleared them 3 times. Then finally they left. BA tried to take our base again. After we cleared them 8 times, more BA and there allies started to come into 81. The fight started to turn against us but we called on our allies for help. DW,KS,and COL came to help. The group Kid also helped us in the raid. After our allies arrived GA cleared BA 5 more times. Finally BA and allies started to leave and after one and a half hour of fighting all BA and allies have left GA base. BA has finally gave up. Founder Nick has been reinforcing a lot of word about DW. They have been saying that DW were recruiting in GA base asking GA too join DW. Also DW were possibly planning an attack on GA. The last thing DW helped TNR in 1 of the raids Vs GA when DW and GA are allies. DW founder (Anna) then talked too Nick. She denied most of these things. But she stated this exact words "DW will help allies like TNR when there getting raided, even if were allies". Nick Replied, "Fine then if DW helps TNR then GA will help SFS in need of help". Then she said she didn't want to become enemies. Neither does GA. DW and GA made up but are now discussing of were neutral or allies again. TNR raided GA. So GA returned the favor. TNR then was trashing GA way too much. GA showed no mercy. This first raid lasted about 20 min. GA was tired and so was TNR. So GA went b2b knowing that TNR runs like crazy so it was hard to Iggy them. TNR then started griming "TNR WON! TNR WON!' Even there founder. There were terribly wrong. It was a tie. The next day GA raided TNR twice. TNR was hard to beat. But wasnt as nearly strong as GA. TNR ran too much. GA retreated both of the raids knowing neither GA or TNR would win. These 2 raids were also ties. The day after that GA raided TNR 3 times and all 3 were also a tie. No one had cleared on any of these raids. TNR are hard to beat because of there running, but some are good. It was a cold and bloody day for the 4 legends Nick,Tripitar,Saidin, and Void. There were a bit tired of this non sense. Soon after raid after raid has been occurring.TNR Founder, Prince Angel, asked too speak with Nick privately . They talked a bit and then Prince Angel asked Nick with a scarce look, "Nick, TNR has a lot of things too do. We don't have time for this. TNR needs to handle things with allies and members." Nick replayed with a somewhat pleasant voice," GA doesn't have time either, GA called upon this war and now GA accepts the neutrality." Those were Nick's last words then left.

Chapter 10: Continuous Raiding

Soon while Guardian Angels were at base having a big meeting, 5 KOD (Knights Of Darkness) entered GA base. They attacked. GA was not worried since it was a so called noob raid. GA won easily. Then KOD soon kept raiding GA with more and more. GA then returned the favor. GA kept attacking KOD as well as them. CW tried to take 81 from us. At first the CW founder came in and asked us if GA would share 81 with them. We told them no, and that they could stay for awhile but we were not going to share our base. CW founder kept saying that GA and CW were sharing, but we told them no we were not, and we attacked them. Eddie went to go get AOA to help. AOA came and we cleared CW a few times, but AOA left soon after since AOA and EG are allies. Soon all of the CW and EG left. GA cleared three times to CW's one time. I have a feeling that CW will be back but GA can handle them. DG raided GA, 8 to 9 DG against 6 GA and one R(C. GA cleared DG twice with them never coming close to clearing us, (Even though all of them ran). RE tried taking GA base once more. They failed with there vast numbers, but soon became too many. GA went to seek help from TQA, then soon after a bit of fighting GA came out on top of a great victory.

Chapter 11: Raid After Raid

After plenty of attacks from WOD, GA had decided to attack back. GA raided WOD with EDL. WOD then called allies LA. This was outstandingly long. Finally after plenty of time has pasted by, GA finally cleared WOD and LA. Dark Prince (WOD Founder) was astonished, he couldn't think of anything to say except blabber his mouth. But GA has respect towards WOD. They are very strong, as well is GA. GA went back too base with a nice win. Then out of no were we saw WOD...WOD and there ally KS breached GA base attacking without mercy. Then with the help of EDL and a few TNR, we were putting up a fight. This was hard to hold up due to the fact they counter raiding. Not knowing of were there coming from. Then as a blink of an eye. WOD cleared GA. It was there victory. Then shortly left. A couple days after, a very intelligent clan/group came to visit GA. MAK, Mystic Angels and Knights. Then all of a sudden WOD,LA,KS, and SFS came to GA base and attacked. GA suddenly got CTK, and then it was somewhat even. GA,CTK,MAK Vs WOD,KS,SFS,LA. This was a very powerful battle with both sides. After 30 minutes of continuous fighting GA,CTK, and MAK finally cleared them. About 4 hours later WOD got angry and raided GA with the help of KS. GA then got there best ally, BW  (Black Warriors). Then it wasn't even a raid. It was a massacre. GA and BW destroyed WOD and KS. When WOD and KS returned to base, There were only about 3 GA at base. When 10 WOD attacked 3 GA at base. Then HS and LAW saw that we were in trouble and helped. But after we new it. WOD defeated GA. Not to long after, GA raided WOD. WOD called allies of DW and AIR. Then GA called in somewhat friends SD. Awhile later WOD grown tired of fighting. GA and SD had cleared them plenty of times. WOD soon started falling apart. They did put of a great fight, for the first 40 minutes. WOD soon started to leave. It was like look after look they were slowly disappearing. Then only a few WOD and Dark Prince lay there not speaking. Then GA claimed there victory an left with Dark Prince not even saying a word.

Chapter 12: Returning

Since forth founder Nick has been away. A lot has happened. It has been 4 months that founder Nick has been gone. And then out of no were he returns. Set forth to make GA back in shape. Nick has heard that BW has been protecting GA ever since Nick has been gone. Then DW has betrayed GA and has started attacking GA base non-stop. BW has been helping GA and all of GA's groups. GA and BW has been fighting off DW. DW were strong and powerful runners. But no match for GA and BW combined. DW is still trying to take GA over as we speak. Therefore Nick has broken the friendship between DW and GA forever. GA has then made a peace with Anna (Founder of DW). DW and GA are now friends (neutral).We no longer attack one another no matter what.

Chapter 13: New Beginning and Betrayal

Soon after Nick's disappearance, he came back and found that Tripitar and Loki have revived  GA. Nick was highly satisfied and proud to see what they have done. Therefore lays a new and improved Guardian Angels. Glad to say, GA is back! After hours of recruiting, GA called for a meeting. All high ranked members were there as well. Loki was claiming he was founder of GA and saying he made it. He also said he will not obey GA's rules. Loki also trashed Nick and Saidin. Therefore Nick gave him plenty of warnings. Then, Nick kicked him out after not obeying GA's laws. Tripitar betrayed GA as well leaving since loki left and Tripitar remade his clan TRA.

Chapter 14: Spanish Speaking War

After Tripitar and Loki's exile, GA has been showing much improvement. We have had new amazing members and were more active than ever before. Guardian Angels were at base just hanging out somewhat bored. So Nick decided to Raid, He went and found a clan called DEAD. They were a Hispanic clan. GA got lined up, and raided. At first GA was winning, but sooner than we new it they got allies. It was an even fight until they got allies, then they just hopped everywhere and ran. There allies were AF, another Hispanic clan. There vast numbers almost defeated GA, but we held ourselves. Nick decided to retreat, and make it a tie. Later that week, we wanted to raid again. Nick found a clan called NGW, another Spanish clan. We raided, and once again were winning with an even fight. They then called their allies DGS. Again, their numbers outgrown ours but we still held up a fight. After 30 minutes of raiding, we retreated and made it another tie. Later that weekend, we decided to raid again. Which happened to be another Spanish clan, 3 in a row. This clan was called IZU, they had more numbers at base then GA but we still decided to raid. GA were winning while they went to safe zone and hopped and ran everywhere. We cleared them, but then all of a sudden they got their allies TGS & TBS. We were amazingly outnumbered but still put up a fight. We fought for a long time and decided to retreat again. We had another tie. We will raid these clans over and over again, until we come out victorious. The next week, we had a practice raid with SDM. Another spanish speaking clan that didn't want us as enemies therefore we had a 'fun raid'.