Joining Guardian Angels is a privilege and will be treated as such. All New members start at the same rank, Angels. When you are recruited you need to sign GA's guestbook with your name & recruiter. When and if you've shown improvement in GA from when you first joined, there is more of a chance you will get promoted. A great member of this clan is loyal, active, wise, skillful, respectable, honorable, and brave. Here at GA we do not accept any lower than the best. If your a new member and is not familiar with most of Sherwood or Guardian Angels then you will were our tag GA but not be given a rank until proven worthy. If you would like to become an offical member of Guardian Angels you have a choice to say our pledge. If so, please post it in our guestbook.

 I (Name) shall pledge my allegiance to Guardian Angels. I will fight for SWD and take on our enemies. I will be loyal and show activeness to GA. If I quit GA and wish to return, I will accept the consequences and reinstate a new beginning rank. Forever I will stand beside Nick as my true founder. I will always aid and fight beside my brothers/sisters no matter what the stakes. I accept GA as my family and home in room 81 and will always supply my own effort for it's success. Long live GA. Long Live My Family.    



The colors for GA is blue symbolizing respect,honor, and pride.

The Eagle (The one spreading its wings) symbol represent our peace,ability, and originality.


  • /Join # 1-300 - With this, you can join another chatroom. There are 300 total chatrooms. Type /join 50 to go to room 50, or /join 1 to go to room 1.

  • /Teleport # 1-10 - With this command, you can teleport to a different island. There are 10 total islands. Type /teleport 9 to go to Midnight glade, for example.

  • /Level # 1-9999 - with this command, you can automatically go to any level of your choice as long as you are the correct level. You can teleport to floors beyond your level, but if you try to go too far it will inform you of the max level you can teleport to. /Level 50, for example, will take you to floor 50.

  • /Fps - This command will show you your frames per second. A lower number means your gameplay is rather choppy and a higher number means you have no lag at all (Fps-Wise) and therefore is smooth.

  • /Report - This command will send the last 100 messages to the administrator (Gene). Don't count on it being very effective, though.

  • /Dx 7 - Use this command to switch to directx7 rendering mode.

  • /Dx 9 - Use this command to switch to directx9 rendering mode (In most cases, it gives the best FPS, but that depends on the type of computer you use).

  • /OpenGL - Use this command to switch to OpenGL rendering mode. You'll notice the color textures change a bit.

  • /Antialias - Use this command to enter antialiasing mode. You'll notice the text gets a bit blurry. Type it again to De-activate it.

  • /Renderer - Use this command to find information about the renderer and some other things.

  • /Country - Use this command to view your country code and 'starting room for the country.

  • /Version - Use this command to view your Shockwave version.

  • /Who - Use this command to view a list of all current players in the room.

  • /f [message] - Use this command to chat to people in your friend list. For example, /f Hello will send "Hello" in blue chat to everyone on your friend list.

  • /Camera - Use this command to enter camera mode.

  • /Help Teleport - Gives you help on the teleport command.

  • /Help Camera - Gives you help on camera mode.

  • /Facebook - Go to the Sherwood facebook page.



For GA members with Different languages please go too

And Copy and paste this website link into the (translate a web page).


Para miembros de GA con idiomas Diferentes va por favor también

Y la Copia y pega este lazo de sitio web en el (traduzca una página web).


Pour les membres de GA avec les langues Différentes va s'il vous plaît aussi

Et Copie et colle ce lien de site Web dans le (traduit une page Web).